Who is Trysted Tinnitus? The true story!

24 Oct

Who on earth is Trysted Tinnitus? This is a fantastic question! You have probably ended up on this page because you were trying to track down biographical details about the author of the ridiculous reptile reading in COMM 2302. Well done, my friend. Well done, indeed.

Please take a minute to read the following, and then follow the steps as you see fit. Congratulations.


Mapping Augmented Reality (Rachel Rodgers)

4 May

“Augmented Reality (AR) thus far has been used by those that enjoy seeking out new technologies. It also has managed to attract interest from marketing firms: a spectacle attracts a crowd. Still, this technology has the potential to attract a well founded user base. While marketing is driving AR it is clear that individuals could use the technology for both practical purposes and entertainment.” Read more on Rachel’s blog.

GarageBand (Rachel Rodgers)

4 May

Rachel explains that “the GarageBand badge was accidental. No, I didn’t bang my head on the key board and write a song, but my intention wasn’t to complete a badge. Rather it was an to attempt to create a soundtrack for my honors thesis film. This failed.” Luckily, the project itself succeeded wildly. Though Rachel notes that she scrapped her attempts at writing a soundtrack, she “kept this single song though which seemed slightly suspenseful.” Read more on her blog, listen to the surviving song, and play The Interview online.

Advanced ActionScript (Rachel Rodgers)

4 May

“For advanced ActionScript I created a several new games and programmed a film. The most difficult game was a deduction based game that required the player to guess a correct sequencing of colored lights. If you don’t figure out the puzzle you’re threatened with a bomb detonation. The film that I programmed was based on the concept of combining games and film together. In order to integrate the two I had to use AS as the basic programming platform.” Read more on her blog, and check out The Interview online.

Advanced Flash Animation (Rachel Rodgers)

4 May

“For this badge I created a simulation of a live action shooter game. In order to do this I filmed individual figures against a green screen and had them preform bobbing, ducking motions. Because this is a shooter game, there was the potential that they would be shot down by the player. So, for each move that an individual made, there were two outcomes filmed, one in the case that they were not hit, one in they case that they were. The footage was then edited and the green screen keyed out.” Read more on her blog, and check out The Interview online.

Graphic Design. Film to Game Transitions

4 May

“For the Graphic design badge I work to integrate game and film and create a smooth transition between the two. I tried to create visual transition which would allow the viewer to feel that they were moving seamlessly between mediums. Further, I tried to create games that had aspects of live actions or real photographed imagery. My goal was to make the environment of each game appear as much like that of the film world as possible.” Read more on her blog, and check out her game.

Mobile User Interfaces (John Mendiola)

4 May

“If desktops have different resolutions, mobile devices have even more differences with each other. There is no standard size and the orientation is usually vertical instead of horizontal. Make sure the mobile version scales appropriately, regardless if they’re using a Blackberry, an iPhone or some Android device,” writes John. Read more on his blog, and check out his strategic analysis. (PDF)