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Geolocation (Sarah Dropek)

4 May

Noting that she pointed at the Foundry because all she ever does is dream about caffeine, Sarah encountered some finicky aspects to the Geolocation API. She elaborates further: “Also, I spent maybe an hour working in chrome trying to figure out why nothing was working until I realized the permissions for sharing location had not been set correctly. It seems with every badge that I have a moment where I would like to bang my head against the wall a little bit and this was that moment. So for the love of sanity, check your permissions before you think that you haven’t done anything correctly.” Read more at her blog.


Geolocation (Andrew Coe)

2 May

“Oh, Geolocation! Terrifying, yet kind of awesome,” says Andrew. “I almost got in a wreck or two by staring at my phone and the geolocation app” while driving, he reports. Check out his blog posting and his geographically wired site.