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Domain Hosting (Jon Fu)

4 May

In the process of completing this badge, Jon learned that “selecting a domain name, web server, and uploading your own website is much easier than it really sounds.” Read his blog and check out his site.


Domain Hosting (Aly Miller)

4 May

Aly went with HostGator because she liked their monthly plan and they seemed relatively easy to configure. The good news is that is not taken. Perhaps because, by her own admission. Aly’s first name “is spelled a little weird.” Read more on her blog.

Domain Hosting (Rachel Rodgers)

4 May

“Most real web work requires messing with a hosting service,” notes Rachel. “And now, I have a place to retire all of my projects. My pages aren’t quite functional but it’s a starting point.” Read more on her blog, and find out why she has yet to be impressed with Hostmonster.

Domain Configuration (Maddie Rau)

4 May

” Once I got to the point where I could see that my work was showing up on, I felt much better about the badge. I would say I worked on my website a total of 5 hours, putting together my resume and relevant work/articles. I will definitely continue to work on this in the near future as I look for jobs, because I’d like to be able to show this and be proud of the way I’m representing my site and myself. This badge, for me, is probably the one I find most useful towards my future, and I’m glad I now have my own domain name.” Read more on Maddie’s blog.

Domain Hosting (John Mendiola)

4 May

John loves Go Daddy! Well, he does acknowledge that they are “socially and politically in the deep end (the crazy misogynist part of the pool), but they do offer some ridiculously cheap domain names.” Read more on his blog.

Domain Hosting (Alexa Hong)

2 May
All about Alexa

For now, Alexa relied on a layout generated by the hosting service, but she notes that there were serious limitations with their layouts. “I’m hoping eventually when you Google my full name, my website will come up instead of my embarrassing tweets from about a year ago,” she writes. Read her blog posting, and check out her site at:

Domain Hosting (Kathryn Mikeska)

26 Apr

“I wanted to create a website for myself that would act as a portfolio for future employers when I graduate in a few weeks,” notes Kathryn. “I have been incredibly happy with Host Gator because their customer service is extremely helpful and they are very affordable. “