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Pen Tool (Laura Schluckebier)

2 May
Woman of the year!

Laura notes that she tried the penguin tutorial and almost threw her computer across the room. “So I both love and hate the pen tool,” she notes. Read more of her analysis in her blog posting.


Pen Tool (John Mendiola)

2 May
John the Usurper

Not just “a king,” but “the king.” John Mendiola rules the seven kingdoms. “One part that I didn’t account for is the chair height,” notes John. “Of course, now that I think about it, the Iron Throne is a higher seat than the chairs in the Prassel study lounge.” Good point, John. Now you know how Tyrion feels. (Read John’s explanation of the pen tool on his blog.)

Pen Tool (Aly Miller)

2 May
Aly with her friends on the island.

Aly hangs out with her friends from Lost. “The pen tool is a great tool to use and know,” says Aly. “Definitely more accurate than the magnetic lasso tool (although I love that tool) and you have much more control than the polygonal lasso tool.” Read more on her blog.

Pen Tool (Andrew Coe)

2 May
Andrew hanging with the band.

“I am still not a huge fan of the pen tool,” writes Andrew. Nevertheless, he mastered the tool and successfully added himself to a photo of the band Led Zeppelin. Andrew is looking out the window of the plane.

Pen Tool (Sarah Dropek)

26 Apr

“A photo of me and Hillz being BFFLs because that’s how we roll,” explains Sarah. “The pen tool is awesome.”

Pen Tool (Paige Carlson)

10 Apr
Joker reading Cosmopoliitan

Paige writes “Also, definitely err on the side of getting too much into what you’re cutting out rather than too little. It will make your life much easier later on. People don’t know what they’re missing, but they can definitely tell when they’re getting more than what they asked for.”

Pen Tool (Claire Osburn)

2 Apr
Claire Osburn poses with her friends from the band Stillwater.

Claire Osburn poses with her friends from the band Stillwater.